Be my friend!



Hello chocolate pies~
I've been receiveing some friend request so I decided to make this post, so maybe you could introduce yourselves just a little before adding me?
I would appreciate it a lot to know who you are before friending ;)

I'll start with me, and I'm Issa, an 18 year old girl from Sweden ^^ I'm pretty shy and not a person who usually initiates to talk with someone, but if someone starts talking to me first I'll happily answer it~
I've been a fan of Super Junior since autumn of 2011 and I still love them just as much <3 I like some other k-pop groups as well, but none of them could be compared to suju. I also listen to a few Japanese like Johnny's and Gackt.

My forever number first bias is Hyukjae, even though Donghae is creeping really close and is trying to ruin everything...  And yes, I LOVE EUNHAE/HAEHYUK! I ship them more than I ship myself with chocolate.
And I like chocolate. A lot.

You're free to introduce yourself anyway you want, even just a short greeting would be fine :)


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